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KICKSTARTER: AIPER FLASH 150W: The Most Reliable Portable Power Station




The Aiper Flash 150W is the Most Reliable, Robust and Solar Rechargeable Portable Power Station for all Your Outdoor Adventures.

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That’s not a marketing soundbite—that’s exactly what the Aiper FLASH 150W stands for and offers you: a multi-purpose portable power station that you can take and use anywhere and which literally allows you to charge all kinds of devices that you’re likely to need in a fast, simple and reliable way.


If you’re prudent and like to have some essentials at home to prepare for emergencies, or if you’re into off-the-grid living, then the FLASH 150W is perfect for you. When the power is out, or when a natural disaster or other emergency occurs, you can use it for any urgent need at home, whether it is to keep your lights on, a vital medical device that someone in your family can’t live without working even if there’s no power, or to charge anything, really.

If, on the other hand, you’re an outdoors enthusiast, then the FLASH 150W is your perfect power station sidekick when you’re camping, for example. It’s the smartest and most convenient way to keep all your electronic essentials working when you need them if you’re in the wild and just wanting to keep these minimum essentials working and ready to be used.

If you’re a traveler, then you’ll be happy to know that the FLASH 150W is compact and light enough (weighing only 3.8 lbs) to take anywhere and be ready to charge your devices wherever and whenever you need them. 


Great, so you already know that you can use the Aiper FLASH 150W in more ways than we could describe. So, what about charging it? That’s also simple and efficient: charge it with a wall charger, with your car (with a car-mounted charger), or using its solar energy(charge with a solar panel for seamless solar charging outdoors) ! How cool is that?


In order to cover all the essential charging needs you may have, the Aiper FLASH 150W has the following ports and connections:


The Aiper FLASH 150W is equipped with an LCD Display that shows you the status of each port so that you know exactly what you can use and rely on when it comes to charging your devices. Still, despite the LCD Display and all its powerful features, this very special power station features a low level of power consumption when in ready mode, and it also features an automatic adjustment of the power delivery when it connects to a device. Yes, we’re all for efficiency!


All these features wouldn’t mean anything if you couldn’t rely on them—and what’s the point of having a portable power station if it doesn’t work properly when you need it the most?

That’s why we designed and built the Aiper FLASH 150W with reliability in mind. We have only used high-quality parts and technology to make it as durable and robust as it should be in order to provide you a stellar performance every time you use it: its outstanding battery life means that you can use it up to 300 cycle indexes and less than 20% battery loss. That’s a performance that beats 3 to 4 times what competitor products can offer you!



We’re not just committed to your convenience—we’re also committed to your safety! That’s why we have designed the Aiper FLASH 150W with key safety features and a BMS or Battery Management System that:

  • make the battery usage be more efficient
  • switch the FLASH 150W to auto-sleep mode when it is connected but does not detect any workload
  • with its integrated short circuit protection, prevent overcurrent, over temperatures and short circuits
  • monitors battery temperature combined with an automatic high-temperature alarm to cut off circuit
  • smartly adjusts the temperature to keep the device from overheating
  • feature separate control per each output port to ensure that other ports continue to work even if one is in a short circuit or maximum output status

In addition to that, the FLASH 150W’s case is also water resistant up to IPX4 standards (rain, dust, and sand), and it is built with UL94-V0 high-level fire-proof material.




  AiperPower at Interstyle 2019/The Exhibition of Board Culture & Fashion. 


Our mission is to provide safe, innovation and convenient energy solution to our consumer at anytime and anywhere.

With carefully chosen and rigorous testing, Aiper dedicated to provide full range of portable power solutions to meets today's variety requirements. For home, businesses, recreational vehicles, camping or hiking, you can always find a highly efficient and cost-effective solution from us.

Aiper, make sure your daily life always be powered on.


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